Up & coming brand: Stoer Skincare For Men

Stoer Skincare For Men is described as a skin defense shield for men,

Stoer Skincare For Men
Headquarters: Alness, Scotland
Launch date: 2017
Price: £24 – £40 ($31 – $52)

Stoer Skincare For Men is described as a skin defense shield for men, and is based on a Clima5 Technology, founded by beauty therapist and businesswoman Marianne Morrison.

Why it’s interesting: Working in a male-dominant environment, Morrison saw how men would borrow women’s beauty products. “The male grooming market lacks the efficacy-driven formulas that are abundantly targeted at women; with the growing interest from the male consumer in skincare, I wanted to create a range that filled that gap,” explains Morrison. The products boast formulas based on its signature Clima5 Technology, which is a blend of actives sourced from plants growing in challenging climates. Clima5 is encapsulated in a ‘cosmetic drone’ technology said to deliver the actives deep into the skin.

Strategy & upcoming plans: The premium brand has launched in department store Harvey Nichols, and the company is in touch with a number of brick-and-mortar and online retailers, and will be targeting international distribution, says Morrison. “The brand from the outset was created to appeal to international markets, with the UK being our launch territory. Our approach to using global ingredients, sourced from different climates, was the beginning of that process,” she comments. The brand is also expanding its product range with sun protection products based on a non-sticky formula.