Hermès fragrance sales up 9.5% in fourth quarter 2018

Hermès' Perfume sales were driven by Terre d’Hermès and Twilly d’Hermès

French luxury accessories company Hermès posted sales of €1.65bn in the fourth quarter of 2018, an increase of 10.1%. At constant exchange rates, growth was 9.6%. The company saw growth across all geographic areas during the period.

Hermès’ Perfume sales grew 9.5% to €73.3m during the fourth quarter.

For 2018, Hermès posted consolidated sales of €5.966bn, growth of 10.4% at constant exchange rates. At current exchange rates, growth was 7.5%.

Hermès’ Perfume sales grew 8.4% (+8.9% at constant exchange rates) to €311.7m, driven by Terre d’Hermès and Twilly d’Hermès.