A look at shopper habits in Latin American travel retail

How Latin American shoppers buy cosmetics and fragrance in duty free

Switzerland-based travel-retail research company m1nd-set shares exclusively with BW Confidential data on Latin American beauty shoppers and how they buy cosmetics and fragrance in duty free

Latin American beauty duty-free shoppers profile

  • Average age: 36
  • 41% male
  • 59% female
  • 43% of beauty shoppers noticed or researched information about beauty before their visit to the duty-free shop
  • Average trips in past year: 3.5
  • 41% visit duty-free beauty section on impulse
  • 59% plan their visit to duty-free beauty section
  • 43% of beauty shoppers noticed unique products (not found elsewhere), in the beauty section of the duty-free shop

Spend and pricing

  • Average amount spent in duty-free beauty section: $118
  • 57% of beauty buyers consider price important
  • 67% of beauty buyers compared prices in the beauty section of the duty-free shop with other retail channels/stores

Reasons for visiting the beauty section

  • 68% to browse and see if I could find anything I liked
  • 63% to buy a treat for myself
  • 60% to see if there was a promotion in the shop
  • 57% I knew there was a price advantage
  • 56% to see the latest new products in the category
  • 52% I had a specific purchase in mind
  • 47% I was looking for something to buy as a gift for someone
  • 36% I was looking for duty-free exclusive products or sets
  • 34% Someone had requested that I buy something for them
  • 33% A promotion was visible/advertised from outside
  • 27% I saw an ad/mention/promotion before arriving at the duty-free shop
  • 26% I wanted to get advice from sales staff
  • 18% There was a promotional area outside the duty-free shop


Most important reason for buying in the beauty section

  • 38% There was a clear price advantage versus the local market/online
  • 23% It offered good value for money
  • 19% Loyalty to the brand: it is one of my favorites/most bought
  • 16% I felt like buying something different from what I usually buy
  • 9% It is a product I cannot find at home (duty-free exclusive)
  • 9% There was a special promotion (price reduction, three for two…)
  • 8% It was suitable for a gift


Most important reason for not buying in the beauty section

  • 29% The prices were higher than downtown
  • 21% There were no promotions that motivated me to buy
  • 13% I wanted to compare prices at other locations before buying
  • 10% I was looking for a specific product or brand, but could not find it
  • 9% The products offered in the duty-free shop were too similar to what I can buy in my local shop
  • 8% I was just browsing with no intention to buy

The data is based on m1nd-set’s face-to-face surveys with 3,352 respondents in 2016. The surveys included both buyers and non-buyers and Latin American nationals and residents traveling internationally