BW Confidential Beauty Insight n°206

How companies’ may change how they work post COVID-19. Read





Swiss company Firmenich president fine fragrance worldwide Jerry Vittoria tells BW Confidential how he sees the crisis impacting the fragrance market and changes in consumer behavior in the long term. Read





Zoom in on
How retailers are using e-commerce, and new models set to emerge post-COVID-19. Read





Retail insights
Retail news and trends to watch out for. Read





Tech bytes
The latest tech news to inform and inspire. Read






BW Confidential checks out what is making a splash on Instagram. Read





San Francisco-based Tribe Dynamics shares exclusive data with BW Confidential about beauty trends and brands making waves on social media. Read





Currently trending in beauty. Read






Companies to watch
We highlight three companies the beauty industry should keep their eye on—for their concept and business model. Read






A look at sustainability initiatives inside and outside beauty. Read





E-commerce insights. Read





Around the world
Chinese manufacturing and Hong Kong and Korea’s retail figures. Read