Social media monitor October 2018

Cruelty-free beauty and Boy de Chanel are hot topics on social media

What’s being said about beauty on social networks this month



Chanel’s new men’s make-up collection, Boy de Chanel, has attracted much curiosity in the blogosphere. The three-sku range has been described as an interesting step by the brand, but some have said that the high price could be discouraging for male consumers.




The Essence Shine Shine Shine clear lip gloss has garnered a good deal of positive comments on social media for its comfortable formula, fragrance, long wear and low price—it retails at just $3.


There is much talk about make-up-inspired innovation in the bodycare category on social networks. New products include body highlighters, body foundations (which are free of self-tanner) and blur products, such as Vita Liberata’s Body Blur (pictured).




Bloggers are quick to support moves for cruelty-free beauty, which is expected to take on more importance following a bill banning the sale of products tested on animals that was passed in California in September. California is the first US state to have passed such a bill.