A visit to Guerlain Parfumeur at Charles de Gaulle Airport

Guerlain has opened its first Guerlain Parfumeur store concept in the travel-retail channel

Guerlain brings its boutique concept to the airport  
LVMH-owned Guerlain has opened its first Guerlain Parfumeur store concept in the travel-retail channel in a bid to highlight its fragrance expertise and forge more personal links with consumers. The 30m2 (323ft2) pop-up store is located at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport’s terminal 2E, Gate M, which sees heavy Asian traffic. The store has been open since December 6, 2017 and will run until March 1.

The pop-up store is based on the same model as the fragrance boutiques the brand began opening in 2016 and of which there are now five (three in Paris, one in Brussels and one in Shanghai). Guerlain ceo Laurent Boillot describes the store concept, which puts a strong focus on personalization, as the “future of the brand”.

The airport pop-up stocks 60 of Guerlain’s fragrances. It houses a digital consultation, which allows shoppers to draw up their olfactory profile and guides them in finding a fragrance. The shopper can then choose to have the scent in the brand’s traditional ‘bee bottles’. There are colored 125ml versions of the bee bottles, while the 250ml, 500ml and one liter sizes come in white and gold. The shopper can select the ribbon to decorate the bottle’s neck and the type of bow—a dame de table is on hand to perfect the ribbon decoration. The bottle can then be engraved with a name or message. “The objective is to re-create the shopping experience and the relationship with the consumer through very generous personalization. The idea is also to make a statement in fragrance and to re-affirm our position as one of the most prestigious perfume houses,” comments Guerlain international director Stéphane Augé. He continues: “We also have very ambitious sales objectives, and the brand is ranking number three here.”

At the opening ceremony, Guy Bodescot, ceo of SDA, the joint venture between Lagardère Travel Retail and Paris Aéroport, said that the concept fits with its strategy of offering original, exclusive products, differentiation from other airports and improving the quality of the offer. He added: “We have increased our spend per pax in the past three years and Guerlain has contributed more to this increase than any other fragrance or beauty house.”

The Guerlain Parfumeur boutique concept is a key part of the brand’s strategy, with more openings to come. “The plan is that in 10 years there will be 150 stores based on this concept. We have not defined how many will be in travel retail and how many in the local market, but travel retail is part of the journey,” Boillot told BW Confidential. “We’ve had very good sales since we started. We opened a boutique in Shanghai in August and are ranked number two out of the 25 [beauty] brands in the mall. The idea is to go fast with this concept—we should open 10 boutiques a year over the next five years.”

SNAPSHOT: Guerlain Parfumeur
Location: Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, Terminal 2E
Open from: December 6, 2017 – March 1, 2018
Size: 30m2 (323ft2)
Special features: Bottle and ribbon personalization, digital fragrance consultation, bottle engraving