What consumers are saying about skincare on social media

BW Confidential scanned social media to find out what consumers are saying about skincare and what they want and don’t want

How to best treat skin conditions such as acne scars, hyperpigmentation, eczema or rosacea are common topics for posts and follower comments. Influencers frequently share what has or has not worked for them.

Clean vs green: There is much debate about the difference and relative values of so-called clean synthetic ingredients and green or natural ingredients. Skincare fans are also often keen to know if products being reviewed are vegan and/or cruelty free.

Dermatologist input: Dermatologists frequently intervene in comment threads to correct information or give advice, and almost always with a disclaimer along the lines of “no hate, just trying to help”. In this vein, it is interesting to note skincare blogs and tutorials seem to attract significantly less hateful comments about a person’s looks or personality than make-up tutorials.

Body skincare: Requests for tips and products to improve skin conditions on areas other than the face is a recurring theme with commentators on facial skincare vlogs and blogs.

Demand for skincare advice for different environmental conditions and seasons, whether it be for dry skin in winter or pollution in summer.

Retinol: Consumers often ask influencers for recommendations of products containing retinol. Related to this, consumers are also keen to learn about skincare routines for their particular age.

Informative, educative and “evidenced-based” videos and posts that focus on ingredients in skincare products and what they do and don’t do resonate with followers, who often comment that they are skeptical about the authenticity of sponsored posts.

Value for money in skincare is a buzzword. “I don’t want to buy cheap if it means compromising on important product qualities, or pay too much for something not good or not really needed,” was one comment that many agreed with on social media. There are also discussions comparing ingredients in super-luxe products with mass brands like Nivea. Japanese and Korean skincare is praised for the price/quality ratio.