Fragrance tech, retail tech, AI, AR innovations on show at Beauty Tech Live

The latest beauty tech innovations will be on show at Beauty Tech Live, the new pioneering event for beauty, which will take place from April 12-16.

Almost 30 companies at the forefront of digital innovation will showcase products, services and tech solutions through interactive virtual stands at the Beauty Tech Live Exhibition Hub.

Exhibitors include:

Orlandi. Orlandi is an international leader in sampling and retail solutions for fragrances, cosmetics, personal care, as well as OTC and cosmeceutical products. Discover how the company’s Digital & Direct to Consumer full service, tailored sampling programs can engage and drive consumer purchase through connected solutions, such as social media, and hi-tech solutions for e-sampling in-store, door-to-door, and travel retail. Browse Orlandi’s Sustainable Solutions Exhibit, where you will see the company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and protecting the planet and its focus on developing sustainable products to meet customers’  needs.


PERFUMIST. PERFUMIST is the world’s number-one perfume tool enabling anyone, anywhere to find the perfect perfume for personal use or for a gift. PERFUMIST helps online and offline retailers or brands boost their perfume sales through a unique user experience and empowers beauty advisors. PERFUMIST will showcase an online tool that helps any online perfume shop grow their sales with a unique user experience enabled by “PERFUMIST ONLINE”.


Perfect Corp. Perfect Corp aims to transform the beauty industry by marrying the highest level of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology with the ultimate shopping experience, completely reinventing the consumer beauty journey. The company’s cutting-edge make-up technology puts its clients ahead of the game with virtual make-up trials, hair color, accessory try-ons, and skincare diagnostics. Perfect Corp will highlight its full suite of beauty tech solutions, including its Patented AgileFace® Face Tracking, featuring improved 3D mesh with 200% improvement in tracking stability and 20% improvement in tracking accuracy to provide the most true-to-life and most inclusive AR virtual make-up experience to consumers. Additionally, its cutting-edge AI Skin Technologies can detect over a dozen common skin health concerns in under two seconds, including hydration, oiliness, redness, spot, wrinkle, texture, dark circles, eye-bag, droopy eye lids, firmness, visible pores and radiance. The AI Generative Adversarial Network technology can generate facial aging and anti-aging results through facial simulations, allowing consumers to visualize the effects with their own faces. With AR Livestreaming for Web, the new one-to-many AR livestream video service helps beauty brands quickly enable livestream e-commerce and build on their direct-to-consumer strategy through interactive live shows with AR virtual try-on hosted on their websites.


Kendu. Kendu assists retail brands in improving the relationship with their customers through positive in-store experiences and innovative communication solutions. Kendu offers a fully integrated service for retail companies to bring the best in-store experience. Key business areas are Experience Design, from strategy and technological ideation to space design; Project Execution including technical plans, in-house manufacturing, integration of third-party solutions and installation; and Campaign Management comprising digital and graphic content creation, printing, delivery and data control. Kendu will highlight Flowbox, a dynamic lightbox for retail. It combines the company’s famous tension fabric system with dynamic LED lights to create an exciting, dynamic lightbox. Flowbox offers infinite creative options with subtle tonal variations, continuous color changes and surprising animations.


Epteca. By collectively building a global Marketplace Ecosystem bringing together travel-retail brands, travel providers and travelers, Epteca’s innovative platform creates new revenue opportunities and enhances the traveler experience in all the phases of their journey. The Epteca Marketplace Ecosystem brings the perfect travel-retail products and services directly to travelers at the right place and time when they are ready to buy. Epteca delivers “the right offering, presented to the right customer, at the right place and the right time” – Guaranteed Effect. Using big data and smart algorithms (AI) that match customer context and intent, Epteca’s award-winning platform can accurately anticipate what customers are likely to want, need or do during their trip, and reach them with ‘smart-marketing’ to dramatically increase results and create a positive brand relationship.


Les Parfumables
Les Parfumables is a French innovation company, manufacturer of a scenting technology called CeraScent. It consists of a family of proprietary ceramics which absorb and diffuse perfume in an accurate and long-lasting manner. 1. In-store and digital olfactive discovery to create retail and at-home experience with creative design through innovative products for consumer engagement. 2. Premium and high perceived value Bespoke Gifts and Saleable. 3. a broad range of personalized and scented marketing tools. Thanks to a high production capacity based on industrial equipment, as well as an internal lab in which all necessary testing and quality control is carried out, Les Parfumables meets a wide range of needs, either with turnkey solutions or through bespoke programs. Les Parfumables will present the “Sustainable @home sampling” box, which includes two to eight scented CeraScent innovatively wrapped in perfume proof FSC envelopes. The box enables an extensive “le porté” experience at-home without the misuses of free EDT/EDP samples, while also dealing with shipping regulations of dangerous goods.


iM1NE is a South Korea-based private labeling company of K-expertise from marketing to manufacturing. The iM1NE lab has been creating high level beauty through its proven know-how and accumulated technology for many years. With its optimized iM1NE’s OEM/ ODM solution system, iM1NE provides the best results from planning to production of all products related to specialized cosmetics. iM1NE will showcase its Cleansing Balm in a No-mess Tube, in addition to other new formula innovations, plus its Layering Shake-It Ampoule. On the sustainability side, it will feature the Clean Sheet Mask and more Earth-friendly approaches.