L’Oréal launches digital employee safety training platform

L’Oréal has launched an in-house digital learning platform #Safetogether to inform employees about new on-site sanitary and social distancing measures as they return to the workplace.

The group says the goal is to help employees understand and adopt new measures that will protect themselves and their colleagues on a daily basis.

The feature is available in 14 languages and includes 15-minute educational video tutorials, based on the company’s health and safety standards, as well as medical experts’ and the World Health Organization’s guidelines.

The content includes information regarding how employees can check the state of their health before going to work, how to wash hands properly, how to put on and take off a mask and precautions to take at the workplace.

Several quizzes will be administered in order to confirm the guidelines are followed.

All L’Oréal employees must follow the module, which is available on online training platform MyLearning. Since the launch, some 14,000 employees have already followed the #safetogether program.

The company has also made a version of the module available to the general public via digital learning platform CrossKnowledge. The 500 CrossKnowledge client companies will also be able to benefit from the content.