L’Oréal not to cut staff in France due to COVID-19

L’Oréal announced that it will not lay off any employees and will continue paying the full salaries of its 13,400 employees in France. The company will not implement partial unemployment in France until the end of June, despite the interruption of operations in several areas, such as retail and factory production.

Some 3,000 L’Oréal employees in France are currently unable to work due to COVID-19-related factors, like a drop in orders, which are impacting factories and shipping centers.

L’Oréal will also not delay payment of any social charges or taxes during this period.

The group has also made its French and Chinese operations available to the French authorities to order medical supplies, including several hundred ventilators and tens of millions of masks, which will be distributed in France according to government instructions.

L’Oréal Group ceo Jean-Paul Agon said: “In this extraordinarily difficult period, we consider it our duty as a responsible employer and as a French citizen company to do everything to guarantee the health and financial well-being of our employees without weighing on public accounts, so that the state can come first to help the companies that need it most. We are also pleased to make available all the means available to our group, in France and in China, to support the authorities in the supply of medical equipment that can save lives.”