L’Oréal partners with biotech company Micreos for skin-related technology

L’Oréal has signed a license agreement with Dutch biotech company Micreos to combine its biotechnology and skin-related science to develop new cosmetics and skincare technologies.

Through the agreement, L’Oréal will gain access to Micreos’ endolysin, which is a type of protein in the cosmetic field. With the technology, L’Oréal says that it will be possible for the first time to target only unwanted bacteria in the skin, while sparing good bacteria.

Micreos develops new biological therapies based on phage and endolysin technology and says it is considered the leader in the field. The company developed the world’s first endolysin-based products for human health, marketed under the Gladskin brand.

Micreos is headquartered in the Netherlands, has a technology center in Switzerland and three separate business units, including Pharma, OTC and Food Safety, with operations in the Netherlands and the US.