Lush Europe suspends online orders, US stores cut staff

Lush has suspended online orders for its UK and other European sites amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

The company says it will keep the decision under review as the situation evolves.

Lush will remain active across its social-media platforms, like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram with live updates and interactive events.

Lush’s North American online store is currently still operating.

On March 27, Lush North America ceos Karen and Mark Wolverton said in a statement that the business reduced non-essential activities, including halting all travel and suspending recruitment, while its senior leadership team took a 25% salary reduction due to the impact of COVID-19.

The company also let go its more recent hire in its retail and manufacturing sectors, and laid off employees in its woodshop teams. Each employee was offered severance pay.

In preparation for when Lush North America resumes operations, the company is retaining its retail and manufacturing managers for the duration of the closures.

However, it offered temporary layoffs to employees, which allows them to receive financial support from Lush in addition to the government relief programs.

Lush North America originally announced its US-based and Canadian stores would close from March 16 to 29, although now its North American locations no longer have a fixed reopening date.

The Wolvertons commented: “Heartbreakingly, it looks like operating as a much smaller business while our shops are shut down. Upon reopening, we expect that the growth will be slow and steady, and that it will take significant time to get back to the size we were a few weeks ago.”