Marc-Antoine Barrois launches new fragrance

Marc-Antoine Barrois' Tilia fragrance

Fashion brand Marc-Antoine Barrois has launched a new fragrance, Tilia, created with Givaudan perfumer Quentin Bisch.

The fragrance is the brand’s fourth, coming eight years after the launch of its first fragrance, B683, and following the brand’s two other fragrances, Ganymede and Encelade.

Unlike the leathery notes of the first three fragrances, Tilia has a floral character, with a blend of linden tree, broom, jasmine and heliotrope. Other notes include vetiver, woody accord, georgywood and Ambroxan. Tilia is meant to evoke the image of summer.

Marc-Antoine Barrois says it is the first of a collection of floral fragrances.

Tilia is 100% made in France and is claimed to be free from endocrine disruptors, unwanted substances and colorants. Since 2019, the brand has replaced the cellophane wrapping of its perfume boxes with a self-adhesive hologram label guaranteeing the authenticity of its products. The packaging is reusable and recyclable.

The 30ml EdP is priced at €115 ($160) and the 100ml at €195 ($280).

The launch of the new fragrance comes as Marc-Antoine Barrois opened its first Paris flagship store in January selling the brand’s fragrances, couture, jewelry and accessories.

Designed by architect and artist Antoine Bouillot, the store includes a boutique, couture workshop and showroom. It features works by contemporary artists such as Le Diamantaire and Jochen Mühlenbrink.

Marc-Antoine Barrois' Paris flagship store
Marc-Antoine Barrois’ Paris flagship store