Social-media buzz from Retail & Tech No 83

BW Confidential checks out what is making a splash on social media: #tarteTOK

Beauty brand tarte cosmetics hosted its first #tarteTOK trip this month. The brand has hosted a slew of influencer trips over the years, often in tropical, Instagram-worthy locations. However, this year’s trip shifts away from Instagram and is geared towards TikTok content.

The brand invited beauty influencers with strong TikTok followings, including Stephanie Valentine, Victoria Lyn and Meredith Duxbury who collectively have 21.1 million followers on the social-media platform.

Creators post content for both tarte cosmetics’ social-media platforms and their own pages. Several of the posts promote the launch of tarte cosmetics’ limited-edition cheek stain, which originally launched in the 1990s. Other videos promote other recent launches, such as the maracuja juicy lip plump in new shades.

The trip has also hosted different themed events, such as a 90s themed night, which involved creators posting videos getting ready for the night using tarte products to create a 90s inspired look.

tarteTOK has also tapped into some social-media trends that have been popular with other beauty brands on TikTok. For example, Valentine posted a video in which she asks tarte cosmetics founder Maureen Kelly rapid-fire questions on topics linked to lifestyle, beauty and tarte cosmetics. Valentine hosts a series on her page called Beauty Pop Quiz in which she interviews beauty brand founders in an informal setting.

The move is part of a wider trend whereby more beauty companies post content featuring brand founders.