Social-media trends from Retail & Tech No 16

Currently trending in beauty

Goat milk soap. On average there are 38,300 searches for goat milk soap in the US every month, and interest has grown 19% since last year, according to Spate Trend Alerts. The trend is mostly DIY-driven, as consumers look for solutions for skin concerns like eczema and acne. Spate notes that interest for goat milk spikes during the holidays and is expected to gain further traction this December.


Glycerin. The skincare ingredient isn’t new, but it is seeing increased popularity as consumers look for simpler, back-to-basic products. Social-media skincare enthusiasts and dermatologists suggest a DIY approach to glycerin; they encourage users to buy organic vegetable-based glycerin and add it to their beauty products to control their levels of hydration.


Lymphatic drainage tools. Social-media users are posting tutorials on how to drain lymph nodes either by using hands or beauty tools, which they claim depuff the face and lead to a clearer complexion.