Social-media trends from Retail & Tech No 19

Currently trending in beauty

Revlon’s Volcanic Roller. This roller product from Revlon has gained popularity on TikTok in part thanks to the brand’s strong social-media push. Its handheld, on-the-go format features a ball-point pen-like mechanism with a volcanic stone that rolls across the face to reduce oiliness. Users say it is an ideal work-from-home product as users can easily use it before a Zoom meeting.

Belly masks. On average, there are 1,900 searches for belly masks in the US every month, and interest has grown 74.6% since last year, according to Spate Trend Alerts. The product saw a surge in online searches after American actress Jenna Dewan posted a photo of herself on Instagram with a belly mask earlier this year. The product is geared to pregnant women, as it boasts moisturizing benefits and is said to help with stretch marks.

Vote manicures. Influencers have been showing off vote-inspired nails ahead of the US presidential election. Most posts show off the word ‘VOTE’, with each letter painted on a nail, or written individually on each nail either on a black background or embellished with figures like hearts or stars.