Symrise highlights new version of AI fragrance tool at WPC

Symrise launches a new version of its AI-powered Philyra tool

German flavor and fragrance company Symrise is presenting a new version of its AI-powered fragrance tool at the World Perfumery Congress (WPC) taking place in Miami this week.

Symrise worked with IBM Research to launch the tool, called Philyra, in 2018. Philyra is described as an AI assistant that helps perfumers create fragrances by allowing them to explore new combinations and materials and update existing fragrances. Philyra has a library of 3.5 million legacy formulas and some 2,000 raw materials. The more a perfumer uses Philyra, the better the fragrances it can create and suggest, Symrise says.

The new version, called Phylira 2.0, allows perfumers to create eco-friendly fragrances. With Phylira 2.0, perfumers will be able to create scents that contain renewable and readily biodegradable fragrance components.

The German company first used the tool in partnership with Brazilian company Boticario in 2018. The collaboration resulted in two fragrances that launched in 2019, which Symrise claims were the first in the world to feature AI claims.