Amazon ranked as most valuable retail brand, Louis Vuitton highest in luxury

Amazon came out on top of BrandZ’s ranking of the world’s top-75 Most Valuable Global Retail Brands, released by creative agency WPP and insights consulting company Kantar.

Amazon’s brand value growth accounts for 27% of the Top 75’s total brand value, while Louis Vuitton is the most valuable luxury brand.

The top 10 brands from first to tenth include: Amazon ($415.9bn), Alibaba ($152.5bn), McDonald’s ($129.3bn), The Home Depot ($57.6bn), Louis Vuitton ($51.8bn), Nike ($50bn), Starbucks ($47.8bn), Walmart ($45.8bn), Chanel ($36.1bn) and Hermès ($33bn).

The report provides an indication of the brands that are most likely to prevail in a post-pandemic market. The ranking includes financial data and consumer insights, in addition to data incorporating stock price performance from April 2020 to reflect the impact of COVID-19.

BrandZ notes that the top brands have made significant contributions and operational changes amid COVID-19, resonating more with consumers and providing sought-after items during quarantine.

The data indicates that brands that maintain their visibility in a relevant and sensitive way during the crisis are best-placed for a faster recovery.

Historically, BrandZ data shows that brands with the strongest brand equity recovered nine times faster following the financial crisis of 2008, BrandZ says.

Other risers in the ranking include athletic apparel company Lululemon (No. 25, $9.7bn), which became the ranking’s overall highest riser. The company is currently offering online training programs, adapting to quarantined consumer habits.

China’s e-commerce platform Pinduoduo (No. 26, $9.4bn) is the highest new entry.

The value of the world’s top 75 retail brands grew 12% to $1.5 trillion in the past year, according to BrandZ Top 75 Most Valuable Global Retail Brands Ranking, released by creative agency WPP and insights consulting company Kantar.