Asda expands refill zones, Unilever trials new refill formats

Asda sustainability store in Leeds

UK-based supermarket chain Asda is rolling out refill zones to four more stores by the end of 2021.

The move comes after Asda opened a sustainability trial store in Middleton, Leeds last October. The store was positioned as helping consumers easily adopt eco-friendly shopping habits. The shop features 15 refill stations for food, in addition to shampoo, conditioner, hand wash and shower gel from Unilever brands sold in refillable formats.

Asda will now trial new refill formats in store, partnering with more household brands and expanding to different parts of the UK.

All four stores will retail Unilever-owned brands Persil, Radox, Simple and Alberto Balsam in stainless steel reusable bottles, which will be tested in two refill formats. The first, called refill on the go, will let shoppers refill their bottle using a machine in-store. The second, which Asda says is a global first for both Unilever and the supermarket chain, is called return on the go. The option lets customers pick up pre-filled bottles off the shelf and return the bottles in-store once used.