Baralan’s packaging, what a passion!

The passion for packaging is the core of Baralan’s world that along with innovation has been its key to success since 1962. Baralan is a point of reference for Primary Packaging solutions in the cosmetic industry as it designs, engineers, manufactures and customizes glass and plastic packaging with related accessories for Skincare, Make Up and Fragrance.

Baralan’s strength and personality are to be found in its dual ability to always keep pace with the emerging market’s requests, but above all to define new trends that will never go out of style. The real challenge lies in knowing how to create packaging that is functional, but at the same time has an original and impactful design, which is able to satisfy both the needs of the end-user and any client’s request. From glossy to matte, from opaque to degradé, from metallic to the most varied shades of colors, Baralan actively collaborates with companies within the Group specialized in decoration, acid-etching, varnishing, satin finish, screen printing and hot stamping.

Baralan’s packaging is the result of an out-of-the-box thinking characterized by an eye-catching and contemporary design. The design of a product has always been an important element to define the identity and personality of a cosmetic brand. Design is tangible imagination that goes beyond the limits of creativity.

Baralan positions itself in the market as a historic Italian company, with an international presence and a widespread distribution of its products in more than 50 countries. The Group brings Made in Italy to the world, symbol of beauty, design and impeccable taste.