Bulgari invests in sustainable flower farming initiative

Bulgari has partnered with Firmenich for Flower Gems of India

Bulgari (LVMH) is to invest in a sustainable flower farming project in India in partnership with fragrance house Firmenich and Firmenich’s local partner Jasmine Concrete. Bulgari says the move is part of its vision for responsible luxury and sustainable ingredient sourcing. Called Flower Gems of India, the project will be developed over a three year period from 2019 to 2021.

The plan includes creating a new jasmine farming model for 100 family-owned farms in two regions of the Indian floricultural area of Tamil Nadu.

The project offers alternative approaches to jasmine production that the companies say will improve farmers’ profits and the quality of flowers. By using permaculture principles like soil restoration and water supply management, the project is intended to create and foster long-term sustainable farming models.

Product quality is set to improve due to a clean and short supply chain, richer organic cultivation, contamination-free farmlands and better care for each season’s harvest. The initiative is also committed to improving the social and economic conditions of the communities with fixed prices and reduced production costs.

Jasmine Concrete has been a Firmenich joint venture partner since 2014. The organization has a network of over 1,000 jasmine flower farmers and access to a broad range of flowers including jasmine grandiflorum, sambac and tuberose, and spices like davana, champaca or vanilla.