Global beauty market grows 4.4%

The global beauty market is estimated to have grown by 4.4% in 2011, say preliminary figures from...
November 12, 2013

Europe’s prestige beauty market 2012

Europe’s prestige beauty market put in a disappointing performance in 2012, according to market-research company NPD. The...
March 21, 2013

China’s luxury market

The fourth edition of the Luxury Outlook conference organized by the France-based International Luxury Business Association addressed...
March 21, 2013

Italy beauty sales 2012

Cosmetics sales in Italy fell 1.8% in 2012 to €9.6bn, according to Italian industry association Unipro. Exports,...
March 21, 2013

NPD reports 2012 growth by market

The prestige beauty market saw contrasted sales growth by region in 2012, according to market-research company NPD....
February 6, 2013