Chanel buys land to support flower cultivation

French brand Chanel has bought 10 hectares (100,000m2) of land in the south of France in a bid to expand the production of flowers used in its fragrances.

The brand currently cultivates flowers on 20 hectares (200,000m2) of land in the French cities of La Roquette-sur-Siagne and Pégomas. The new land acquisition is intended to expand the brand’s flower cultivation, guaranteeing the flowers’ origin, quality and sustainable agricultural practices.

Chanel inked a deal with the Mul family 30 years ago to exclusively cultivate, preserve and produce the five flowers featured in the brand’s fragrances, including jasmin de Grasse jasmine, Centofolia rose, tuberose, geranium rose and iris pallida. Grasse jasmine has been used in Chanel N°5 since 1921.