Cosmetic 360 opens its doors

The 9th edition of the Cosmetic 360 trade show opened its doors this morning at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, France. The show runs for two days. The event is organized by French cosmetics cluster Cosmetic Valley.

This year, the theme of the event is ‘Cleantech’. Cosmetic 360 describes CleanTech as clean technologies whose role is to provide a better response to today’s challenges in terms of ecology and the battle against global warming. It includes renewable energy, water cycles, biomaterials, decarbonization, circular economy and recycling.

Features at this year’s edition of Cosmetic 360 covering the CleanTech trend include conferences, a trail at the show to identify exhibitors presenting CleanTech solutions, and a CleanTech Innovation Center, a hub focusing on green energy and decarbonization (backed by the investment fund Groupe IDEC Invest Innovation).

The show will also feature an area dedicated to deep tech, such as AI, blockchain, RFID, additive manufacturing and contactless screens. All stages, from product creation to manufacturing, marketing and distribution, will be addressed through these technologies proposed by Systematic Paris-Région.

The event will also host once again this year the Cosmetic 360 Awards 2023, which recognize the best innovations presented by the more than 250 exhibitors in the following categories:

– Raw materials

– Formulation

– Testing and analysis

– Packaging and packing

– Brands and retail

– Manufacturing and services

+ Special Cleantech “Jury’s Favorite” award

In addition to these catgeories, a’Jury’s Favorite Award’ will be presented to the company with the best Cleantech innovation.

BW Confidential‘s Editor in Chief Oonagh Phillips was part of a jury of 14 journalists from the French and international trade press that selected the 18 nominees and winners. The Award ceremony takes place today at 5pm at the show.