Cosmetic Valley joins government-backed Stopcovid19

France’s cosmetics cluster Cosmetic Valley has joined Stopcovid19, a platform created by the French Ministry of Economy and Finance and start-up Mirakl. The platform allows manufacturers of basic goods and equipment to distribute products to health professionals and public institutions involved in the fight against COVID-19.

Cosmetic Valley has opted to transfer all of its contacts to the Stopcovid19 government platform, while continuing to gather raw materials and packaging through its IMPACT+ platform, which is now open free-of-charge to all French manufacturers.

Following the French government’s approval on March 19 to authorize cosmetics companies to devote part of their production line to the manufacture of hydroalcoholic gel, Cosmetic Valley, like the professional federation, FEBEA, launched a national coordination platform to ensure a close link between cosmetics companies in each region and the organizations and hospitals in urgent need of the hydroalcoholic gel. More than 80 companies joined the effort.

Cosmetic Valley president Marc-Antoine Jamet said: “Because we are coordinators of the Perfumery-Cosmetic sector, Cosmetic Valley wanted to take its part in the general mobilization against COVID-19. I thank all the companies that responded. They have put their effectiveness at the service of solidarity. They have not been generous, they have been responsible. They aimed, not for awareness, but for exemplarity. I hope that they will be followed by many others and that existing initiatives within the sector will now coordinate in support of the government-sponsored Stopcovid19 platform. The urgent priority is to enable the medical staff, whom we salute and are proud to support with our energy and resources, to work in a safer and strongest possible framework to save lives. What we want today is to amplify this dynamic, and to put ourselves at the service of other players in the administration and civil society who, in this trying period, carry out fundamental missions for our fellow citizens and life of our country.”