Cosmetic Valley re-elects Marc-Antoine Jamet as President

Cosmetic Valley President Marc-Antoine Jamet

French cosmetics cluster Cosmetic Valley has re-elected Marc-Antoine Jamet  as president.

For his third term as Cosmetic Valley President, Jamet will focus on promoting national coordination of the French perfume and cosmetics sector.

Cosmetic Valley today brings together 800 companies, including most of France’s large groups and 80% of the country’s SMEs, representing all French territories and sectors, such as ingredients, packaging, tests and finished products.

Cosmetic Valley represents €45bn in sales and 246,000 jobs.

Jamet has been, President of Cosmetic Valley since June 2011 and Vice-President of the French Federation of Perfumery Industries (FEBEA) since 2002.

Jamet has been General Secretary of LVMH since 2001, and is also the real estate director of the luxury group.