Cosmetic Valley unveils new communications strategy

Cosmetic Valley unveiled its new communications strategy at an event at the Château de Versailles, France yesterday

French beauty industry cluster Cosmetic Valley unveiled its new communications strategy yesterday at an event at the Château de Versailles, outside Paris. The new strategy focuses on a new a visual identity in line with its international ambitions.  The campaign includes a short film, a new message, “making France the beating heart of the world’s cosmetics industry”, and a new tagline, which will be used by companies at events and trade shows internationally: “France Cares For Your Skin”.

In addition to these new communication tools, Cosmetic Valley, which will soon celebrate its 30th anniversary, presented five key priorities:

  1. Creating strong partnerships with local, national and European public authorities.


  1. Developing research and innovation, which the cluster says is key to the competitiveness of its member companies. In 2023, Cosmetic Valley will support companies in the areas of decarbonization, digital transformation, product evaluation, biodiversity, circular economy and new technologies. Cosmetic Valley leads 500 research projects representing a total amount of €520m. Cosmetic Valley also announced the launch of an IT platform promoting relationships between, public and private players involved in research and innovation projects:


  1. Boosting jobs in the sector. This will see the creation of an employment platform combining a presentation of careers, job ads and training courses.


  1. The consolidation of events organized by Cosmetic Valley, including the Cosmetic 360 trade show in Paris and the Cosmetic Victories awards.


  1. The consolidation of international communication efforts, with a focus on “Made in France”. Cosmetic Valley’s new tagline, “France Cares for Your Skin”, is intended to be the basis of an ambitious international communication policy, with the aim of preserving France’s leading position in the beauty industry.