Coty launches #UndefineBeauty campaign

Coty launches the #UndefineBeauty campaign

US-based Coty has launched a new campaign, called #UndefineBeauty, aimed at changing the dictionary definition of beauty.

The group claims that current English language definitions of the term “beauty” are outdated and no longer reflect society’s values. Its adds that the examples cited under the entries for for the definition of “beauty” across the English dictionaries (such as “She was a great beauty in her youth”) are limiting and exclusive.

The #UndefineBeauty campaign calls for dictionary publishers to review these examples and remove what Coty calls their implicit ageism and sexism.

Coty CEO Sue Y. Nabi has written an open letter to major dictionary houses, co-signed by the company’s executive committee and senior leadership team, highlighting what they see as the outdated nature of these definitions and the need for review.

Coty is asking the public to join the campaign by signing the petition via

The move comes after Coty introduced a new corporate identity focused on inclusivity in October.