Discover beauty tech exhibitor innovations at Beauty Tech Live

The latest beauty tech innovations will be on show at Beauty Tech Live, the new pioneering event for beauty, which will take place from April 12-16.

Almost 30 companies at the forefront of digital innovation will showcase products, services and tech solutions through interactive virtual stands at the Beauty Tech Live Exhibition Hub.

Exhibitors include:

Scentys. The fragrance diffusion specialist has been innovating and pushing back the boundaries of fragrance diffusion technologies since 2004. The company will present a range of innovations, including a contactless fragrance discovery diffusion technology (suited to Covid times) and a personalized, connected and intelligent fragrance diffusion system.

Arcade Beauty. Arcade is a leader in innovative product sampling solutions with 50+ patented technologies. Arcade and its in-house digital agency Abeo will showcase solutions to engage consumers on digital channels like Instagram, TikTok and Spotify and drive engagement and behaviors such as review generation and path to purchase. The company’s leading place-based digital marketing platform, Vengo will present interactive sampling kiosks as the solution for contactless, unattended trial and retail.

Cutitronics. Cutitronics is a multi-award-winning technology company strategically white-labelling its patented devices and digital platform technologies for global premium skincare brands. The company will showcase its Cutitron® Ecosystem, which is designed to revolutionize how consumers take care of their skin at home and centers on: Regime adherence compliance technologies; Skin Health Diagnostics; A Consumer App; A Brand Ambassador App; Data Insights & Reporting.

mmi Analytics. mmi Analytics is the global standard for beauty industry analytics. The company’s platforms, which are built with the beauty industry and for the beauty industry, deliver actionable intelligence that supports media and retail conversion. The company will present adCHECK, a global analytics platform that tracks etail co-op investment and share of voice, and allows customers to optimize co-op share of voice and quality of execution to drive sales through third-party online retailers.

Antares Vision. Antares Vision leads the complete process of protecting products throughout their life-cycle by delivering the most comprehensive solutions in Track & Trace, Inspection and Smart Data Management. The company guarantees product integrity and end-to-end transparency of clients’ supply chain to create a unique added value: Customers complete trust. Antares Vision will showcase its enabling technologies for the digitalization of production and supply chain in the cosmetics industry: from a smart data platform designed to improve product quality and production yields while documenting the sustainability of processes, to a unique digital identity solution to follow each single product along a transparent supply chain, allowing to manage recalls effectively, fight parallel markets and counterfeits and strengthen consumer loyalty. Through data collection and real-time analytics within the production lines, the company enables data-driven insights to monitor KPIs, drive the predictive maintenance of equipment and enhance resource planning. Through unique identification and supply chain monitoring, it guarantees total product traceability to protect consumer safety and brand reputation.

Revieve. Revieve delivers a digitally driven, personalized customer experience, leveraging AI/AR technology. Working with over 100+ brands and retailers, Revieve has transformed the customer-experiences for skincare and color cosmetics through its proprietary technology, the Revieve Health Beauty-Wellness Platform. The company will reveal an exciting new product innovation at Beauty Tech Live.

Reziena. Reziena is a beauty tech start-up that brings medical technology to consumers’ homes with hand-sized beauty devices with customized skincare solutions and skin diagnosis using AI. It provides a home skin clinic to receive treatment without a dermatologist visit. It analyzes skin types in 32 ways and recommends skincare methods based on collected data. Founded in March 2017, Reziena has been selected for various global programs like Amorepacific’s AP TechUP+, Incheon Creative Center Global Membership, Garage+ Global Startup, igniteXL Beauty Acceleration Silicon Valley Program, Beiersdorf Nivea Accelerator and more. Reziena’s Young &be skincare solution was introduced for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2019.

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