Discover Beauty Tech Live in video

Beauty Tech Live is the first B2B Virtual Expo & Conference that will bring together tech products, solutions and services for the beauty industry in one place. It will also be a forum for executives to share new ideas, inspiration and experience in the area of beauty tech.

Beauty Tech Live’s mission is to help beauty industry executives keep up with and navigate the fast-changing world of technology and so respond to consumer needs, anticipate market shifts and trends and prepare for the business of tomorrow.

The  Beauty Tech Live event is built around three key areas:

The Exhibition Hub, which will showcase the latest tech innovations for beauty;

The Knowledge Hub, which will host conferences, panel discussions, talks and case studies from beauty and tech thought leaders;

The Experience Hub, which will show beauty tech in motion with a range of live demos and workshops.

Beauty Tech Live is a joint initiative from BW Confidential, the leading B2B media for the international beauty industry and the Moodie Davitt Report and Moodie Davitt Virtual Expo Company, a leading publisher and event organizer. The two companies have pooled their expertise in scouting and analyzing trends in beauty, their extensive global networks and reach in the industry and their skill in organizing physical and virtual events to create a truly original, inspiring and business-focused event in an area that is key to the future of beauty.

To participate in Beauty Tech Live contact Nicolas Grob: