Fable invests in skincare brand Stratia

Brazil-based Natura &Co’s venture capital arm Fable Investments has invested $2m in skincare brand Stratia.

This represents Fable’s third investment in a beauty brand. The venture capital arm first invested in fragrance brand Perfumer H in February, followed by an investment in sexual wellness brand maude in June and skincare brand Loli Beauty in July.

Created in 2016, Stratia was founded by Alli Reed and is based in Los Angeles, California. Stratia is described as a ‘science-backed, inclusive skincare brand’.

Reed developed the brand after launching a skincare blog called “The Acid Queen.” The brand uses social media to share skincare information. Stratia has an educational YouTube channel, posts content on Instagram and has a “Learn” section on its website to educate consumers about skincare.

Fable Investments Director Thomas Buisson said Stratia has an average 250% customer growth year-over-year and nearly a 50% returning customer rate.

Stratia products retail on stratiaskin.com and at New London Pharmacy in New York.