Firmenich launches eco-friendly natural extracts

Firmenich launches eco-friendly Firgood collection (Copyright: Firmenich)

Swiss flavor and fragrance company Firmenich has launched a new range of 100% natural extracts using a sustainable proprietary extraction technology.

The new Firgood patented technology uses only the water  (and is solvent-free) that is an inherent part of the biomass cells. Once warmed up by electromagnetic vibration, the water carries the odorant components to yield the final pure extract. The process is said to be more eco-friendly than other extraction methods.

Another eco-friendly component to the process is low energy consumption. Additionally, the waste that is produced is clean and can be easily upcycled, says Firmenich.

The Firgood collection currently includes a pear Firgood, a ginger Firgood and a green bell pepper Firgood. Ten additional ingredients will be introduced in the coming months for both perfumery and flavor applications.