Firmenich launches new version of sustainability measurement tool

Firmenich launches EcoScent Compass Next Generation

Swiss flavor and fragrance company Firmenich has launched a new version of its sustainability measurement tool, EcoScent Compass.

The EcoScent Compass Next Generation offers a higher degree of precision when making sustainable fragrances, the company says. The new version of the tool has 45 fragrance and 20 ingredients claims in the area of sustainability.

Firmenich perfumers can use EcoScent Compass Next Generation to formulate eco-friendly scents with 80 data points for each ingredient across three pillars: Circular creation, climate & nature and impact on people & community. Additional data points about an ingredient offer a more precise and complete view of a fragrance’s sustainability profile, claims Firmenich.

The company first launched EcoScent Compass in 2018.