Givaudan launches AI-powered tool

Photo courtesy of Givaudan

Swiss flavor and fragrance company has launched a new AI-powered offer to translate fragrances into color patterns and images with the aim of predicting the end-consumer’s emotional response.

The new offer was created in partnership with France-based Myrissi, the AI company that Givaudan acquired in 2021.

The new offer is described as a new approach to fragrance development. To use the technology, clients either starts from a chemical composition which then predicts the color association with the scent, or from a color to predict the scent association. The tool generates a visual mood board and soundscape to complete the association. Customers can use the tool for packaging and campaign development, claims Givaudan.

The tool is currently available in the US, Western Europe, Brazil and Japan with more countries to be added soon.

Givaudan Fragrance & Beauty President Maurizio Volpi said: “As e-commerce remains the privileged channel for customers, we must answer their need of an olfactive digital experience, something impossible to address until now. With Myrissi, we allow consumers to ‘smell’ visuals and colors that elicit the same emotions as the perfumes they are facing. This technology also enables Givaudan to support impactful marketing strategies for our customers, by matching their product designs with their scent, making the consumer experience delightful and fulfilling.”