Givaudan unveils fragrance well-being initiative

Swiss flavor and fragrance company Givaudan has launched Well&Be, which it describes as its fragrance creation territory dedicated to well-being.

Well&Be draws on Givaudan’s consumer intelligence, neuroscience research and digital tools, including its Myrissi, MoodScentz and Artificial Intelligence technologies, to create scents that aim to promote well-being.

Givaudan says that Well&Be will enable its perfumers to create fragrances with a high emotional experience, and beyond just ‘liking’ a scent.

Well&Be covers 92 moods and emotions divided into five archetypes: The Nostalgic – feeling good through childhood reminiscence; The Transformer – feeling good through self-achievement and transcendence; The Connector – feeling good through connections with others; The Seeker – feeling good through a taste for discovery and escapism, and The Naturalist – feeling good through connection with Nature.

Citing research from Cigna 360 and G-Source, Givaudan says that globally 64% of consumers consider themselves to work in an ‘always on’ culture causing physical and mental stress, and that 73% think a fragrance product should provide mental escape.