Gotha Cosmetics acquires Beauty Rain

The Scandelli family, founders of Beauty Rain, with Gotha Cosmetics CEO Paolo Valsecchi

Color cosmetics contract manufactuer Gotha Cosmetics has acquired make-up assembly and packaging company Beauty Rain.

Beauty Rain, which is based in Chieve, Italy, was founded 20 years ago by the Scandelli family. It has around 80 employees.

The acquisition follows Gotha Cosmetics’ purchase of Chinese make-up and skincare company iColor Group and Mia Cosmetic Srl, a filling company specialized in hot-poured, foundation, mascara, gloss and highlighter products, both in 2022.

“This acquisition allows us to consolidate our technical and industrial know-how by in-sourcing some assembling activities, accelerating the process of integration and simplification of the supply chain. This is a further step in the company’s enlargement of its production processes started with the acquisition of Mia Cosmetics, ” comments Gotha Cosmetics CEO Paolo Valsecchi.