Gotha Cosmetics presents ‘Realignment’ collection

Gotha Cosmetics
Gotha Cosmetics presented the Realignment collection in New York

Italian color cosmetics company Gotha Cosmetics has presented three new collections on the concept of “Realignment”.

The theme relates to a realignment of consumer values, the company says.

Within this macro-concept of “Realignment”, Gotha has identified three trends which inspired its collections: Dare to Care, Green Lab and Metadisruptive.

Gotha says Dare to Care is a micro-collection of products that require minimum effort and that provide both instant and long-term beauty benefits across all ages, ethnicities and genders.

The Green Lab collection aims to deliver beauty results that are both good for the skin and the planet.

Finally, Metadisruptive is Gotha’s phygital collection which it says provides beauty results that are expressive and ‘otherwordly’.