L’Oréal inks partnership with Cosmo International Fragances for green science process


L’Oréal has inked an exclusive partnership with Cosmo International Fragrances to use a green science extraction process for fine fragrances.

Developed by fragrance house Cosmo International Fragrances and made exclusively available to L’Oréal, the patent-pending technology is a waterless, low-energy, slow extraction process that claims to reveal the exact smell of an ingredient while preserving its integrity.

Using only air, the extraction technology harnesses the volatile fragrance molecules of flowers, fruits and other natural ingredients without the need for heating, cooling or chemical solvents used in conventional scent extraction. The companies say that flowers retain their integrity and at the end of the process can be recycled and re-used in a second extraction, helping reduce waste.

The companies’ first collaboration will focus on bringing tuberose’s natural floral signature to a new fine fragrance to be released in 2024.

Cyril Chapuy, President of L’Oréal Luxe comments: “As the world leader in fine fragrances, embracing sustainability throughout the whole fragrance value chain is not just a choice: it’s our conviction. From ingredient sourcing to refill adoption, we are innovating at every step to reduce our impact and shift towards a more responsible fragrance model. This partnership with Cosmo International Fragrances allows us to inaugurate a new era of mindful crafting for our luxury fragrances.”

Marc Blaison, President, Cosmo International Fragrances added: “We are excited to work with L’Oréal as our first-ever partner, as they are uniquely placed to bring the transformational power of green sciences to the art of perfume-making on a large scale.”