L’Oréal launches European solidarity plan in face of COVID-19

L’Oréal is to launch what it calls a European solidarity plan to support hospitals, nursing homes and pharmacies during the COVID-19 outbreak. The plan will also support economically impacted sectors like hairdressers, suppliers and small businesses, among others.

The group’s factories, which already began producing hydroalcoholic gel last week, will speed up production to support the needs of the French and European health authorities.

Skincare brand La Roche-Posay will equip its partnering pharmacies’ hospitals and nursing homes with hydroalcoholic gel throughout Europe. The brand is already providing free bottles to French pharmacies who are able to produce hydroalcoholic gel on their own premises.

The Garnier brand will donate and distribute several million units of free hydroalcoholic gel to its European food retailer customers, so their staff can protect themselves during the epidemic.

For small companies that the group works with (hairdressers, small perfumeries) L’Oréal will freeze receivables until these businesses re-open. Likewise, for the company’s most vulnerable suppliers, L’Oréal will shorten the time they are due to receive payment.

The L’Oréal Foundation will donate €1m to its partner associations involved in supporting the deprived. The company said it is committed in the fight against coronavirus to help the most deprived people apply the “barrier measures” necessary to fight the pandemic.

The foundation’s partner associations will offer hygiene kits (shower gel and shampoo) and hydroalcoholic gel to support social workers and volunteers.