L’Oréal officially appoints Nicolas Hieronimus ceo

Nicolas Hieronimus copyright Jean-Baptiste Huynh

L’Oréal’s board of directors officially appointed Nicolas Hieronimus ceo of the group from May 1, following the company’s annual general meeting this morning. Current ceo Jean-Paul Agon will become chairman of the board of directors, as the group split the roles of chairman and ceo.

Hieronimus becomes L’Oréal’s sixth ceo since the company was founded in 1909. He has been with the French group for 34 years.

The board paid tribute to Agon for his performance as ceo since 2006, calling him a visionary leader who profoundly transformed the company and equipped it to face the challenges of the twenty-first century.

During his 15-year tenure, Agon is credited with having increased L’Oréal’s presence in the world’s most dynamic markets, particularly, in Asia, and with positioning the company at the forefront of digital and e-commerce.