Past issues of BW Confidential’s magazines

BW Confidential Magazine n°58

BW Confidential Magazine n°57

Interview: Interview with Unilever Prestige’s CEO Vasiliki Petrou

Digital: The potential & pitfalls of TikTok Shop for beauty

Market watch: US Growth drivers, challenges distribution shifts & Amazon

Travel Retail: Americas Shopper behavior & growth prospects in the region

Insight: Fragrance creation Fragrance trends in China, the Middle East & how scent players are reaching Gen Z

BW Confidential Magazine n°56

Interview: Interview with A.S. Watson’s Malina Ngai

Market watch: Europe, The state of beauty in the region’s Big-5 markets

Travel retail: Beauty category watch, Assortment & pricing trends

Insight: Fragrance Data & views on the market, niche scents, young consumers, Chinese brands

Digital: Social Media backlash, Roblox, AI for sustainability

Packaging: Future Packs, Industry viewpoint, Innovations & trends

BW Confidential Magazine n°55

Interview: Interview with Dolce&Gabbana Beauty Operating CEO Gianluca Toniolo

Packaging Special: How the sector is performing, industry views & pricing trends

Market watch: Brazil, The state of beauty, retail & the market’s key players

Fragrance House Guide: The who’s who of key fragrance players

Insight: Make-up, The recovery, how to stay relevant, sustainability & trends

BW Confidential Magazine n°54

Interview: L’Occitane Group’s Laurent Marteau

Market watch: China Covid aftermath, Douyin & retail newness

Travel retail: Asia Understanding China’s new travelers

Insight: Skincare Pricing, premiumization, new players & trends

Packaging: Make-up The comeback of make-up

BW Confidential Magazine n°53

Interview: Coty Chief Prestige Brands Officer Constantin Sklavenitis

Insight: Fragrance creation The sector’s performance, the Chinese market, the supply chain & inflation

Market watch: US The state of the US market: Data, brands & retail trends

Travel retail: The Americas The region’s recovery & how assortment is changing

Packaging: Sustainability & the supply chain

BW Confidential Magazine n°52

Interview: L’Oréal Travel Retail President Vincent Boinay

Digital: Beauty & NFTs, gaming & crypto currencies

Market watch: Middle East How the market is getting back to growth

Travel retail: The state of digital & e-commerce in the channel

Insight: Fragrance Data, pricing issues, retail & social media trends

BW Confidential Magazine n°51

Interview:  Interparfums Inc Chairman & CEO Jean Madar

Insight: Make-up The shape of make-up’s recovery, category drivers & key data

Market watch: India The rise of prestige beauty online & in-store

Fragrance House Guide 2022: The who’s who of key fragrance players

Packaging special: The state of beauty packaging & re-engineering supply chains

BW Confidential Magazine n°50

Interview:  Prada Beauty International General Manager Yann Andrea

Insight: Skincare – The state of the market, skintech, brand strategies & trends

Market watch: China Distribution shifts, risks & local brands

Digital: Selling beauty on Amazon

Travel retail: Driving spend & the impact of discounting in Hainan

BW Confidential Magazine n°49

Interview:  Branded Co-founder & CEO Pierre Poignant

Insight: Fragrance Creation – what is driving growth? Dealing with the supply-chain crisis & rising costs, sustainability initiatives, the Chinese market

Market watch: The state of retail online & offline in the US

Digital: Exploring beauty in the metaverse

Travel retail: The state of the market in the Americas + retailer views

BW Confidential Magazine n°48

Interview:  JD Beauty General Manager Terry Wang

Insight – The Global Fragrance Market: How the market is faring, assortment shifts, online discovery & scent sampling

Market watch Europe: The state of retail in Europe’s big-five markets

Digital: The rise of Amazon roll-ups & how they impact beauty

Travel retail: The other side of Hainan & industry views on the recovery

BW Confidential Magazine n°47

Interview:  Estée Lauder Companies Executive Vice President Global Transformation and Category Leadership Daniel Mahler

Make-up Insight: How the market is faring & how it will evolve; strategies behind the brands bucking the color decline; converting buzz into online sales

Market watch Southeast Asia: The impact of COVID-19 on beauty in Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand

Packaging: How the industry is dealing with supply-chain problems

PLUS: Fragrance House Guide: The who’s who of fragrance houses

BW Confidential Magazine n°46

Interview:  Jun Dong managing director Tmall Global Beauty, Alibaba Group

Beauty Tech Special: E-commerce, shoppable content, livestreaming, beauty & gaming, data, Big Tech, packaging tech trends, travel retail & digital & CRM, travel retail & e-commerce

Market watch China: Data, social commerce & shopping festivals

Skincare Insight: Category overview, brand landscape, the latest trends

BW Confidential Magazine n°45

Interview: L’Oréal chief corporate responsibility officer Alexandra Palt

Sustainability Special: Sustainability & retailing strategies, e-commerce, packaging, travel retail, emerging brands

Market watch Japan: How the market has weathered COVID-19
Travel retail China: The recovery of the Chinese domestic market & changing Chinese habits
Insight Fragrance creation: An analysis of fragrance houses’ sustainability strategies

BW Confidential Magazine n°44

Interview: L’Oréal China president and ceo Fabrice Megarbane
Market watch European retailers: How Europe’s main retailers are weathering the COVID-19 storm
Travel retail: How stores will look post-COVID-19; Pre-ordering & online sales; How beauty brands are changing in the channel
Insight Fragrance: Data, COVID-19 winners & losers, online selling, in-store retailing

Special Focus: Rebooting Beauty: The positives of the pandemic & trends to come

BW Confidential Magazine n°43

Interview: Interparfums chairman and cet Philippe Benacin
Market watch US: What’s in store for the country’s retailers
Travel retail China: The recovery of the Chinese domestic market & changing Chinese habits
Insight Fragrance creation: The long-term impact of COVID-19, M&A, key fragrance listing


BW Confidential magazine n°42

Interview: Luxasia group ceo Wolfgang Baier
Market watch China: Alibaba, local brands & the future of brick-and-mortar
Travel retail Asia: The short & long-term effects of COVID-19 on the region
Insight Skincare: The changing brand landscape, connected products & clean retail

COVID-19 & Beauty: The impact so far, China, travel retail & managing a crisis



BW Confidential magazine n°41

Interview: Douglas Group ceo Tina Müller

Insight: Make-up Weathering the downturn in color

Market watch: Brazil Consumption habits, retail changes & online sales

Travel retail: The Americas How the industry is battling a tough market

Packaging: Personlization in packs The trends & the challenges

BW Confidential Magazine n°40

Interview: AS Watson Group group md Dominic Lai
Market watch Europe: The state of retail in Europe’s big five markets
Travel retail special: The impact of digital on the channel’s business models
Insight Fragrance: Data, digital & how to better sell scents
BW@10 – Inventing the future

BW Confidential Magazine n°39

Interview: Dubai Duty Free ceo Colm McLoughlin
Insight: Fragrance creation trends Raw materials crisis, AI; key company listing
Market watch: US Analyzing the slowdown, retail & the impact of new brands
Travel retail: Assortment trends How the beauty offer is changing the channel
Packaging: How suppliers are working with new technologies

BW Confidential Magazine n°38

Interview: L’Oréal chief digital officer Lubomira Rochet
Insight: Skincare Clean beauty, personalization & social media
Market watch: China Tmall and beyond, KOLs & pricing
Travel retail: South Korea Data, daigou & operator strategies
Packaging: The latest trends in turnkey solutions

BW Confidential Magazine n°37

Interview: Cartier managing director fragrance Léa Vignal-Kenedi
Insight: Make-up New brands, channels & consumer habits
Market watch: The GCC Navigating a slowing market & retail shifts
Travel retail: The Americas Data, retail trends & capturing the US traveler
Packaging: How pack players are getting to better know the end consumer

BW Confidential Magazine n°36

Interview: Unilever Prestige executive vice president Vasiliki Petrou
Insight: The global fragrance market Online, social media & disruption
Market watch: Iran What’s next for the troubled market
Travel retail special:
Analysis by region, category& traveler habits
Packaging: Sustainability, new inspirations & trends for 2019

BW Confidential Magazine n°35

Interview: Amorepacific Group strategy unit svp Changkyoo Lee
Insight: Fragrance creation The raw materials crisis, China, and the future of fragrance
Market watch: Japan How brands and retailers are riding the J wave
Travel retail: Middle East Traveler habits, regional analysis & interview with Dubai Duty Free
Packaging: Sampling & mini-packs

BW Confidential Magazine n°34

Interview: Kao Corp executive officer & Kanebo Cosmetics president Yoshihiro Murakami
Insight: Indies, naturals, social media & trends
Market watch: China Developments in digital, mobile & New Retail
Travel retail: Asia Online sales, cruise ships & changing Chinese travelers
Packaging: The latest in make-up packs

BW Confidential Magazine n°33

Interview: Giorgio Armani Fragrances & Beauty global president Véronique Gautier

Market watch: Europe Analyzing the market’s challenges & opportunities

Travel retail: Americas The region’s changing shopper habits

Packaging: The need for new business models

Insight: Make-up Data, social media, online sales & trends

BW Confidential Magazine n°32

Interview: Coty Luxury president Edgar Huber

Insight: Fragrance Data, digital, retail & trends

Market watch: Saudi Arabia Navigating the country’s changing beauty scene

Travel retail special: Regional & category outlook & key operator strategies

Packaging: What digital means for the pack sector

BW Confidential Magazine n°31

Interview: Puig chairman & ceo Marc Puig

Insight fragrance creation Future directions in scent

Market watch: Russia Consumer sentiment, retailing & pricing trends

Travel retail: Europe Operator strategies & traveler habits on the continent

Packaging: How personalization is impacting packs

BW Confidential Magazine n°30

Interview: Groupe Clarins ceo Jonathan Zrihen on the new world of beauty

Insight: Skincare What’s next for the category?

Market watch: China WeChat, Tmall & changing consumer dynamics

Travel retail: Asia Pacific Data, traveler habits & downtown duty free

Packaging: The latest in make-up packs


BW Confidential Magazine n°29

Interview: Ferragamo Parfums ceo Luciano Bertinelli on fragrance, China & the US

Insight: Make-up Social media, new brands & the latest trends

Market watch Brazil: As the market emerges from crisis, what’s next for beauty?

Travel retail: Latin America: Dufry interview, traveler habits & new opportunities

Packaging: How millennials are changing pack design

BW Confidential magazine n°28

Shiseido ceo Masahiko Uotani and president Travel Retail Philippe Lesné

Insight: Fragrance
New strategies and reinventing the category

Market watch
South Korea: The brands & trends hitting the country’s beauty scene

Travel retail
How beauty will look in the channel in the future

Innovations in fragrance, skincare and make-up packs

BW Confidential magazine n°27

Chalhoub co-ceo Patrick Chalhoub

Insight: Fragrance creation
Innovation, perfumer views and Iran’s potential

Market watch
The US: Changes and challenges ahead

Travel retail
Strategies for doing digital better

The future of beauty packs

BW Confidential magazine n°26

Kiehl’s general manager worldwide Cheryl Vitali

Insight: Skincare
Trends & retailing strategies

Market watch
China: Keeping up with a changing market

Travel retail
Chinese travelers: What they want & how they are buying

The development of smart packs

BW Confidential magazine n°25

Grupo Boticário president Artur Grynbaum

Insight: Make-up
Data, social media and the latest trends

Market watch
Europe: Looking for signs of growth

Travel retail
Latin America: Turbulent times continue

What consumers want from their beauty packs

BW Confidential magazine n°24

Sisley president Philippe d’Ornano

Insight: Fragrance
What’s next for the category?

Market watch
South East Asia: Weathering the region’s slowdown

Travel retail
Dufry and consolidation, digital strategies, operator profile

Packs for Brazil, M&A & Future trends

BW Confidential magazine n°23

Euroitalia president Giovanni Sgariboldi

Insight: Fragrance creation
The industry’s opportunities & challenges

Market watch
Russia: Is the market in for better days?

Travel retail
The Middle East: The region shows its resilience

Make-up trends & innovations

BW Confidential magazine n°22

La Prairie Group president Patrick Rasquinet

Insight: Skincare
The market’s opportunities & challenges

Market watch
China: Online sales, distribution & the market’s evolution

Travel retail
A special report on the channel in Asia

The internet’s impact on beauty packs

BW Confidential magazine n°21

Origins, Ojon & Darphin svp, gm Stephane de la Faverie

Insight: Make-up
Data, brand strategies & retail trends

Market watch
Brazil: Navigating a tough market

Travel retail
Latin America’s ups & downs

Adapting packs to Chinese consumers

BW Confidential Magazine n°20

Interview: Armani’s Véronique Gautier on luxury & beauty

Travel retail: The mass offer, Africa & emerging-market passengers

Market Watch: Middle East Retail trends & brand strategies in the region

Packaging: Consumer trends & industry outlook

Insight: Fragrance The state of the global market

BW Confidential Magazine n°19

Interview: Ferragamo Parfums CEO Luciano Bertinelli

Travel retail: Europe How the region is faring & the continent’s top airports

Market watch: Africa The potential & challenges of the next big region for beauty

Packaging: How make-up packs are evolving

Insight: Fragrance creation What’s next for the industry ?

BW Confidential Magazine n°18

Interview: Shiseido’s Carsten Fischer on global expansion

Market watch: China What’s slowing down & where to invest next

Travel retail: Chinese travelers How their buying habits are changing

Packaging: Trends in mini-packs & samples

Insight: Skincare Data, Trends and retail strategies

BW Confidential Magazine n°17

Interview: Guerlain ceo Laurent Boillot

Market watch: What’s next for Mexico, Argentina & Colombia

Travel retail: Brazilian travelers How they shop & how to reach them

Packaging: Decoration techniques & trends

Insight: Make-up Doing color better

BW Confidential Magazine n°16

Interview: Coty ceo Michele Scannavini

Market watch: Brazil The ins & out of doing business in the country

Travel retail: Data, digital & the CIVETs

Packaging: Sector outlook & luxury trends for 2014

Insight: Fragrance Global market analysis

BW Confidential Magazine n°15

Interview: Origins, Ojon, Darphin global president & gm Jane Lauder

Market watch: Chinese consumers Their habits & online behavior

Travel retail: Making sense of the inflight sales business

Packaging: The latest developments in make-up packs

Insight: Fragrance creation The state of the market

BW Confidential Magazine n°14

Interview: Clarins ceo Philip Shearer’s Asian ambitions

Travel retail: The potential of emerging Asia

Market watch: China Retail trends & doing business in third- & fourth-tier cities

Packaging: Designs & packs with a difference

Skincare insight: New opportunities for the category

BW Confidential Magazine n°13

Interview: Natura José Vicente Marino on Brazil & export

Market watch: US Data analysis, retail trends & top players’ views on the market

Travel retail: How Brazilian travelers shop & how to appeal to them

Packaging: Packagers pay attention to travel retail

Make-up insight: What’s in store for 2013 ?

BW Confidential Magazine n°12

Interview: L’Oréal Luxe president Nicolas Hieronimus

Market watch: South East Asia Analyzing opportunities beyond China

Travel retail: Sector review, retailer views & the channel’s new niches

Packaging: Sustainability in the BRICs & trends in Chinese pack design

Insight: Fragrance Ups, downs & new directions

BW Confidential Magazine n°11

Interview: Collistar ceo Daniela Sacerdote on global expansion

Market watch: Middle East The latest data, retail news & industry views

Digital focus: Novel strategies for Pinterest

Packaging: The future of luxury packs

Insight: Fragrance creation Trends, opportunities & challenges

BW Confidential Magazine n°10

Interview: Clinique’s Lynne Greene on skincare, make-up & retail

Market watch: China Retail, the rise of the web & the industry views on the sector

Travel retail: Asia Regional outlook Interview: Delhi Duty Free

Skincare insight: What’s next for the category ?

BW Confidential Magazine n°9

Interview: HSN’s Betsy Olum on boosting beauty

Market watch: Fragrance in Brazil challenges, opportunities & retail changes

Travel retail: The Americas & the rise of Brazilian travelers

Packaging: The future of electronics in beauty packs

Make-up insight: What’s next for the category ?

BW Confidential Magazine n°8

Interview: Estée Lauder president Cédric Prouvé

Market watch: Russia : whtat’s next for beauty ?

Travel retail: Sector analysis & strategies from China Duty Free Group

Packaging: Sustainability & consumer-inspired solutions

Fragrance insight: Data, trends & retailer views

BW Confidential Magazine n°7

Interview: Chalhoub Group’s Patrick Chalhoub on beauty in the Middle East

Market watch: The US Retail developments channel by channel

Packaging: The latest make-up innovations & trends

Insight: Haircare How prestige is set to develop

BW Confidential Magazine n°6

Interview: Puig ceo Marc Puig on becoming a top-5 player

Market watch: China Regulations, retail, e-commerce : what’s next ?

Travel retail: Asia & the Middle East Who’s buying what & where ?

Skincare insight: Data, retail initiatives & trends

BW Confidential Magazine n°5

Interview: Marionnaud ceo William Koeberlé

Market watch: Brazil : the potential and the obstacles ahead

Travel retail: The Americas & the North-South divide

Packaging: What’s next for secondary packs ?

Make-up insight: Color makes a comeback

BW Confidential Magazine n°4

Interview: BPI president Rémy Gomez

Market watch: India : what’s the real potential ?

Travel retail special: Facts, figures, and views from WDF and Aldeasa

Packaging report: Sector outlook and the latest on sustainability strategies

Fragrance insight: An analysis of the market data, trends and new opportunities

BW Confidential Magazine n°3

Interview: O Boticario president Artur Grynbaum

Market watch: US The consumer, retailing and the challenges ahead

Packaging: The latest trends & innovations

Luxury insight: What’s changed and what’s to come ?

BW Confidential Magazine n°2

Interview: Clarins Fragrance Group president Joël Palix

Insight: Skincare The latest data, retail and product trends

Travel retail: Asia What’s growing in the region, where and why

Market watch: China, Japan, Korea

BW Confidential Magazine n°1

Interview: Sephora’s Olivier Schaeffer on the retailer’s European strategy

Market watch: The shape of Western Europe’s Big Five markets

Beauty insight: Make-up Facts, figures, trends & innovations