Perfect Corp launches digital beauty services for Taobao mini programs

Perfect Corp launches beauty AI and AR services for Taobao mini programs

AR and AI company Perfect Corp launched three digital beauty services for China’s Taobao (Alibaba) mini programs.

The three services, Virtual Makeup Try-on, AI Skin Diagnostic, and AI Smart Shade Finder, aims to help beauty brands provide personalized products and increase online sales, the company says.

AI Smart Shade Finder provides consumers with a foundation shade match based on some 200,000 learning samples across all skin groups. The feature for Taobao mini programs detects some 90,000 skin tones. After matching, shoppers receive a personalized product recommendation in order to buy a foundation shade.

The Virtual Makeup Try-on uses AR technology to offer shoppers virtual make-up try-ons. Consumers can choose between seven different lipstick shades, and also try on eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush and concealer, among others.

Tmall beauty merchants can also use AR-powered livestreaming that features virtual look try-ons and integrates e-commerce functions to allow viewers to instantly purchase the products featured during the broadcast.

The AI Skin Diagnostic feature offers consumers an instant skin analysis to track users’ skin condition and areas of concern. Users will receive personalized recommendations for a skincare routine that meets their specific skin needs.

Perfect Corp founder and ceo Alice Chang said: “Better understanding consumers and delivering more personalized experiences is key in this day and age. One-size-fits-all approach is no longer appealing to consumers, especially when it comes to beauty products. Our comprehensive beauty AI+AR services within Tmall beauty brand flagship stores will allow brands to master a consumer-centric strategy by providing personalized product recommendation to online beauty shoppers.”

Perfect Corp says it will continue to foster new brand partnerships within the Taobao mini program framework.