BW Confidential Beauty Insight n°204

Managing the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on business is not easy. Read





Jay Hack and Brandon Garcia launched Mira, a search engine for beauty products, at the end of last year. They tell BW Confidential about the consumer and brand response to Mira so far and how they see the development of social shopping, e-commerce for beauty and eliminating friction from the purchasing process. Read



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There is much talk about the need for retail experiences to entice shoppers. BW Confidential analyzes how retailers can create interesting in-store experiences that work. Read






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Retail news and trends to watch out for. Read








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The latest tech news to inform and inspire. Read






BW Confidential checks out what is making a splash on Instagram. Read











San Francisco-based Tribe Dynamics shares exclusive data with BW Confidential about beauty trends and brands making waves on social media. Read





Currently trending in beauty. Read






Companies to watch
We highlight three companies the beauty industry should keep their eye on—for their concept and business model. Read









A look at sustainability initiatives inside and outside beauty. Read






Consumers & sustainability. Read







Around the world
COVID-19 in the Asia Pacific region. Read