Shiseido launches ad campaign for 150th anniversary

The ad visual for Shiseido’s 150th anniversary

Japanese company Shiseido has launched a new ad campaign to mark the company’s 150th anniversary, which it celebrates this year.

The ad launches in newspapers in Japan today and features the tagline: “Beauty Innovations for a Better World.”

The campaign visual shows model Hana Kondo in space receiving an online beauty consultation, in addition to package-free skincare products.

The company’s 150th anniversary logo features a motif of fluttering chiffon which is meant to symbolize the opening of the next era. The Japanese group will use the logo throughout 2022 for various events.

The group will also launch a 150th anniversary special website today, which will be updated throughout the year. It will include an introduction to the company’s corporate philosophy and the latest anniversary-related activities in different regions.