Shiseido to launch sustainable skincare brand Baum

Shiseido's Baum product line
Shiseido’s Baum store

Shiseido is set to launch a new sustainably focused skincare brand Baum as part of the company’s prestige business category in May. The brand consist of 27 products, for a total of 45 items.

Shiseido says Baum focuses on “the power of trees” in all aspects of its products, packaging and stores.

Baum’s range is founded on three key characteristics found in trees: Water storage, growth and environmental defense. Some 90% of the products’ formula is from natural origin and blended with mainly tree-derived natural fragrances.

The packaging uses upcycled wood from furniture manufacturing processes in collaboration with Japanese furniture companies. It also consists of bio-based PET for its plastic bottles and recycled glass for glass containers. Baum will offer refillable products and sell re-usable bags upon customer request.

The brand says it will contribute to forest conservation by planting and growing oaks, used in packaging, in cooperation with Japanese housing and wood products corporation Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. Baum will also plant seedlings in its stores and has its first planting scheduled for 2021.

Baum will open two stores in Japan, one at the NEWoManYokohama mall in May and at Takashimaya Gate Tower Mall Nagoya in July. The stores feature the brand’s focus on trees and are positioned as a place of calm away from urban life.

Baum also will launch three pop-up stores in Japan throughout May and June.