SK-II holds first World Pitera Day

The SK-II Late Night Portraits campaign

P&G-owned skincare brand SK-II launched its first SK-II World Pitera Day to celebrate the Pitera skincare ingredient used in the brand’s products.

The World Pitera Day was held in Tokyo, Japan on July 13 and broadcast globally. The event was attended by SK-II celebrity ambassadors – including Japanese actress Haruka Ayase, MINA of global girl group TWICE, Japanese actress and model Ayaka Miyoshi, and Japanese comedian Naomi Watanabe.

The event featured an immersive campaign showcasing the ingredient, from its origins to its latest scientific discoveries, as well as virtual trip to the Shiga Plant, Japan, where Pitera is crafted.

The event also included SK-II’s “Late Night Portraits” campaign featuring a series of bare-skinned photographs of SK-II’s brand ambassadors captured at their worst moments, according to the brand. The celebrities’ skin was prepped only with Pitera for the shoot, and the idea was to show how the ingredient results in clear skin even when skin is at its worst.

The campaign was inspired by SK-II’s Pitera 24/7 Skin Fluctuation Study, which shows how women’s skin condition fluctuates throughout the day due to daily stressors. The brand claims that SK-II’s Pitera Essence stabilizes the skin’s daily fluctuations.