Social-media buzz from Retail & Tech No 18

BW Confidential checks out what is making a splash on social media: Recreating the Renaissance

The social-media trend sees users re-create famous paintings through costumes and make-up. Users post TikTok videos with the image of the painting or artwork and then transition to a video of themselves striking the same pose in a similar outfit and with the same make-up.

The looks often feature young females mimicking depictions of powerful women, with goddesses featuring prominently, with heavy eye make-up and bold lips. However, others have opted for a more natural take, such as copying Botticelli’s Venus, in line with the contemporary trend of the no make-up make-up look, along with soft, wavy hair.

The move comes after the #MedievalTimes hashtag was popular on TikTok in August. This trend saw users “dress up” in the period’s clothes.

Both the Renaissance paintings and the Medieval trend point to consumers’ increased at-home time: As some countries step up pandemic-related measures, such as curfews and limiting social interactions, users are spending more time at home experimenting with beauty products and looks.