Social-media buzz from Retail & Tech No 22

BW Confidential checks out what is making a splash on social media: #positionsmakeupchallenge

Users across social media have taken to posting their recreations of singer Ariana Grande’s 1960s-inspired make-up from her new music video, “Positions.”

The eyeshadow look features a cut crease with concealer and black or brown eyeshadow to shape the eye. Social-media users have posted tutorials on how to achieve the look.

Others have posted videos set to Grande’s new song and show their take on the look, often including a black, winged liner, fake lashes and a nude lip.

The trend is in line with social-media users’ interest in 1960s-inspired make-up. Currently trending in this area are 60s icon Twiggy’s eye looks with drawn on eyelashes. Others have shown off the trending haircut called “curtain bangs,” claiming it is a vintage look and pairing it with a retro outfit.

Some users have posted transition videos on TikTok showing themselves lip syncing to Grande’s new song. Social-media beauty guru James Charles posted a version showing off different make-up and outfits, transitioning from an everyday to a nighttime look.