Social-media buzz from Retail & Tech No 27

BW Confidential checks out what is making a splash on social media: Bad Habit launch

Beauty brand Bad Habit launched a skincare line in December and recently named influencer Emma Chamberlain as its global brand ambassador and creative director.

Bad Habit is owned by Forma Brands, which was previously Morphe Holdings. The rebrand, announced last August, was part of the company’s strategy to become a multi-brand and multi-category company, geared towards Gen Z and Millennial consumers.

Chamberlain has posted content for Bad Habit on TikTok and Instagram, in addition to posts on her own Instagram account. Since Chamberlain became brand ambassador at the end of December, other influencers, like beauty guru James Charles, have taken to posting about the brand.

While many were originally excited about Chamberlain’s association with Bad Habit, other social-media users have expressed their disappointment with the brand concerning the products’ ingredients. Additionally, users have tagged social-media skinfluencer Hyram, asking him to review the line. There are also a string of questions on social media inquiring about whether Bad Habit’s make-up range is still available to purchase.