Social-media buzz from Retail & Tech No 28

BW Confidential checks out what is making a splash on social media: Harris Reed x MAC Cosmetics collection

MAC Cosmetics (Estée Lauder Companies) announced last week that it is to launch a limited-edition make-up collection with fashion designer Harris Reed.

The collection, launching in February, includes eye, lip and face products and is inspired by Renaissance aesthetics and 70s glam rock icons like David Bowie and Mick Jagger, according to the brand’s social media.

Reed, who identifies as nonbinary, is known for his gender-fluid designs and dressing singers, such as Harry Styles, Solange and Troye Sivan. Styles wore a dress, featuring some of Reed’s designs, on the cover of US Vogue last fall as the first-ever male cover star. The move was met with both applause and controversy.

The Harris Reed x MAC collection is seen by many social-media users as a move towards giving the nonbinary community a wider platform in the beauty industry. Many users have welcomed the news and called it a momentous step.

Commentators have also highlighted the collection for its original packaging and images on social media.